Avoid the Winter Blues with Needlite

Earlier this year I began using Needlite – the gadget that lets you rediscover your natural body clock, providing significant positive effects on your energy and wellbeing. Over the past few months I’ve enjoyed the benefits of tricking my body into believing it’s getting enough sunlight, even from my windowless, basement studio.


During the current Winter months, it’s pretty likely that we will all feel more lethargic, become rundown and more susceptible to illness.

“We need daylight to function; it’s as simple as that. When daylight is sparse, such as during winter or because we spend our days working indoors, our mental and physical processes run dry of energy and we become tired, slow and even sad,” explain the makers of Needlite. “We typically don’t sleep well, whereas our appetite for sweets and high-calorie food tends to increase.”

Needlite replicates bright, natural daylight (without the harmful UV rays) to fool your body into believing it’s outdoors, helping increase productivity while improving brain capacity. If you’re interested in the research that’s gone into Needlite’s function, take a look here.


I’ve been using these since Summer, and in those months I’ve seen a big difference with my mood in work – I no longer feel as if I’m missing out on the day, and my body and mind feels as thought I’ve spent the day in the sun. Over the past few weeks of Winter,  haven’t t to the nights drawing in, or the changing of the clocks, as my body has synced itself with my working hours. I’ve also found it easer to unwind in the evenings, simply dimming the Needlites helps to simulate a natural sunset and starts to prepare the body for rest. I know it sounds weird, as we all work under lights, but these are completely different to harsh florescent lights, or cheep LED chips – they’re the perfect colour temperature of natural light, so don’t cause any false warm or cool tones – providing great selfie lighting and the ideal “true” light for flawless makeup application.

The creators of Needlite are so confident that you’ll benefit from them, they’re giving you the change to try them for free!