Bas Kosters Autumn/Winter 2014

Bas Kosters Fall/Winter 2014 collection “Clowns are People too“, is an uplifting and graphical collection consisting of casual street style items for men and women mixed with elaborate showpieces, with a focus on his exclusive prints and general punk aesthetic. We see returning key pieces like the Bas face panel dress, and elaborate leather pieces reinvent themselves in this collection.

This collection examines the performer behind the mask; by questioning their identity Bas draws parallels between the performer and the voyeur. Observing that we are all engaged in a performance to a certain extent, Bas concludes that the similarities between them are paramount. Therefore personifying the role of the clown within our society as a figure not unlike ourselves.

Bas-Kosters-FW14_1 Bas-Kosters-FW14_15 Bas-Kosters-FW14_14 Bas-Kosters-FW14_13 Bas-Kosters-FW14_12 Bas-Kosters-FW14_11 Bas-Kosters-FW14_10 Bas-Kosters-FW14_9 Bas-Kosters-FW14_8 Bas-Kosters-FW14_7 Bas-Kosters-FW14_6 Bas-Kosters-FW14_5 Bas-Kosters-FW14_4 Bas-Kosters-FW14_3 Bas-Kosters-FW14_2