Gifts for Him 2017

Holliday Gifts For Him: 2017 Edition

From new twists on classic presents, to gifts designed to get the party started, here’s just some of the tried and tested favourites you should buy your bloke this season. Vanacci Lockstone Bracelet Perfumes and colognes are a guaranteed Christmas gift, so why […]

ResMed S+ Sleep Sensor

Get Your Beauty Sleep with the S+ Sleep Sensor by ResMed

Ensuring we get enough sleep isn’t a beauty secret, but it can still be difficult to make sure our bodies get enough rest. Designed to combated sleepless nights and encourage more restful sleep, the S+ by ResMed is the worlds […]

Joshwa Saint James

21 Favourite Beauty Products and Grooming Gadgets

To celebrate my 21st birthday, I’m counting down my 21 favourite beauty product and grooming gadgets of the moment. These aren’t necessarily my all time favourites, but the things I’m loving right now, in no particular order, they are: 21. […]

Olverum Bath Oil

Sooth the Body & De-stress the Mind with Olverum Bath Oil

Living a 24/7 lifestyle makes finding time to unwind, relax and de-stress difficult, but thanks to Olverum‘s blend of luxurious, natural oils, bath time can be more than just a daily ritual, it can become a chance to calm the body […]

Play Skin Face Mask

Play Skin: The Smartphone Controlled Beauty Treatment

There’s a lot we can do with our smartphones, but have you ever considered a full beauty treatment controlled from your smart device? Play Skin is the world’s first regenerating face mask, powered by the micro-currents of your phone. Buy connecting […]

GoldCrush Hair Growth Vitamins by Joshwa Saint James

GoldCrush Hair: Does it Really Work?

For the past two months I’ve ben using GoldCrush‘s unique blend of vitamins and minerals, to help support my hair growth and health. You might want to catch up on my first post here before reading how I’ve got on […]


Can LED Light Really Lead To Better Skin?

While getting a facial in L.A last year, my aesthetician introduced me to Colour Light Therapy – UV-free LED light which is clinically proven to treat acne and increase collagen production. To say I was dubious of the potential results was an understatement. […]

help: beautify skin

help: beautify skin – Does it Really Work?

A month ago I introduced help: beautify skin into my diet and skincare routine. As I mentioned in my 1st post, collagen production drops by around 15% each year, so I’ve set out to see if giving my body the […]

HP Studios The Wolf

How Safe is Your Blog?

We all take precautions to protect ourselves online – from sharing personal information with caution to two-step variation when signing into our favourite sites. But when it comes to our blogs are we really doing everything in our power to […]