Can LED Light Really Lead To Better Skin?

While getting a facial in L.A last year, my aesthetician introduced me to Colour Light Therapy – UV-free LED light which is clinically proven to treat acne and increase collagen production. To say I was dubious of the potential results was an understatement. […]

help: beautify skin

help: beautify skin – Does it Really Work?

A month ago I introduced help: beautify skin into my diet and skincare routine. As I mentioned in my 1st post, collagen production drops by around 15% each year, so I’ve set out to see if giving my body the […]

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How Safe is Your Blog?

We all take precautions to protect ourselves online – from sharing personal information with caution to two-step variation when signing into our favourite sites. But when it comes to our blogs are we really doing everything in our power to […]


Say ‘Goodbye’ to Sore Feet with Enertor

If, like me, you’ve been trying to improve your fitness this New Year, you may have experienced foot pain, especially from high-impact cardio training. Thanks to the new technology used in Enertor‘s shoe insoles, you can say #goodbye’ to foot […]


Discover New Craft Beers with Beer52.com

Say ‘goodbye’ to the same burning old beers, and ‘hello’ to the rebellious offerings of Beer 52. Inspired by his road trips and stop offs at tiny pubs and brewhouses, James Brown has boxed up some of the worlds best […]


Give the Festive Fragrance of Heir And Grace’s Oudh

Made with luxurious black wax and in a decadent black and gold glass, Oudh encompasses the scent of the holiday season. With it’s notes of festive frankincense and rich and spicy saffron creates a warming fragrance. Every Heir & Grace candle […]


Stick To Stigu for Organising 2017

After a whole 365 days day together, it’s time to say goodbye to my 2016 planner, and hello to a new-look Stigu or 2017! It’s not often you can say that you’ve been through a lot with your diary, but Stigu […]


Protect Your Skin with Trans-Resveratrol by Focus Supplements

Resveratrol has quickly become a buzz word in beauty, often boasted about by some of the worlds leading skincare companies, but Trans-Resveratrol is a much higher quality and potent (think of it as the super-charged version), and can be taken in a simple tablet […]


Protect Your Smart Devices With Covers by Case Made

Having recently broke another phone, I thought it was about time to invest in cases for my smart devices. I’m not a fan of plastic shells, while they probably do protect your belongings, they scratch and scrap, leaving them looking […]


For Goodness Shakes’ Protein Coconut Water

If, like me, you’re not the biggest fan of protein shakes, incorporating enough into your diet can be tricky. Thankfully the lovely people at For Goodness Shakes have got us covered. Each bottle of their new Protein Coconut Water contains […]


VITL Nutrition Complete Daily Supplements Pack

I love anything that makes life that bit easier, so I jumped at the idea of having a monthly supply of vitamins delivered straight to my door. Thanks to Vitl’s Nutrition Pack, there’ll always be a convenient daily strip consisting […]