Can LED Light Really Lead To Better Skin?

While getting a facial in L.A last year, my aesthetician introduced me to Colour Light Therapy – UV-free LED light which is clinically proven to treat acne and increase collagen production. To say I was dubious of the potential results was an understatement. […]


Grooming: What Men Really Use

We’ve already covered skincare and haircare, so this week I’ve sat down with my favourite bloggers to discuss all things grooming. From achieving a clean shave, to caring for your facial here, it’s 5 top products to check out: Mr […]

24k Gold Beauty Products

24K Beauty: The Benefits of Gold

Gold based beauty products aren’t a new concept, it actually dates back to at least the Egyptians – it’s been rumoured that Cleopatra used a gold masks as part of her skincare regime. Today there’s a plethora of products boasting 24k gold […]


Enjoy All-Day Fresh Breath with UltraDEX

One of biggest insecurities is fresh breath. Thanks to my love of spicy foods, and coffee, I’m never far away from mints or chewing gums. Unfortunately these types of products don’t actually remove the causes of bad breath, but instead […]

help: beautify skin

help: beautify skin – Does it Really Work?

A month ago I introduced help: beautify skin into my diet and skincare routine. As I mentioned in my 1st post, collagen production drops by around 15% each year, so I’ve set out to see if giving my body the […]


Haircare: What Men Really Use

Last week we looked at skincare, this week I’ve asked five of my favourite bloggers about their must-have haircare products. From creating texture with styling products, to locking-in your look with finishing sprays, here’s the products boys are really using […]

K2A Skincare

Enjoy a Luxury Spa Experience at Home with K2A Skincare

Created by Karen Agnês, a passionate and experienced beauty industry expert, K2A Skincare was developed out of Karen’s fascination with how the skin heals and the benefits of different types of  ingredients on our skin. Drawing on her expertise Karen has […]

Stoer Skincare

Protect Your Skin Against The Elements with Stoer Skincare

Providing the ultimate, 360 support system for skin, Stoer has been developed with Clima5 Technology – five clinically-tested, skin-saving plant actives from four continents and from four very different climates. Our skin is put under so much stress every single day; […]


Skincare: What Men Really Use

In a new series of posts, I’ve reached out for five of my favourite boy bloggers to find out what products they’re using and loving at the moment. This week we’ve talked all things skincare: David Granger / www.daveygranger.co.uk I adore The […]

HP Studios The Wolf

How Safe is Your Blog?

We all take precautions to protect ourselves online – from sharing personal information with caution to two-step variation when signing into our favourite sites. But when it comes to our blogs are we really doing everything in our power to […]


Cleanse and Nourish Your Skin With Sebamed

Formulated with high-quality active ingredients, Sebamed not only cleanses and nourishes, but also helps to retain the skins natural pH value. At pH 5.5 the skin can perform normal functions, such a detoxing itself, or absorbing more moisture, much easier. Sebamed’s extensive range […]

Mr Jamie Stevens

Enjoy Stronger, Fuller, Thicker Hair with MR by Jamie Stevens

Who wouldn’t want stronger, healthier, thicker hair? Jamie Stevens’ research suggests that thinning hair is one of the biggest concerns for men, which has lead to the development and created of MR – the ultimate men’s haircare system designed to […]

Olaplex No 3

Prevent Damage and Repair Hair with Olaplex

My hair has been through so much at the moment, from regular heat styling and less regular cuts as I’m growing out an old style, to the environmental stress of the changing seasons. For quite some time, I’ve wanted to […]