My IPL journey with Smoothskin Bare: Part 1

Other than shaving, home hair removal isn’t something I have much experience with – it’s often much easier to get waxed at a salon, or threaded at a traditional barbershop – or it once was! Permanent hair reduction is a service I’ve looked into, but the price and commitment of regular visits to a clinic has put me off. The Smoothskin Bare home IPL device is a faction of the cost of in-clinic treatments, while still boasting proven results.

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light – as the name suggests, it works by emitting a pulse of light much like the flash of a camera. The light is absorbed by hairs, which in turn destroys the hair-producing papilla. This works best on light skin with dark hair, making it ideal for me!


Small and sleek, the device is so easy to use! The flash head features an in-built sensor which detects skin types and only fires on suitable skin colours. There’s just one button which can be held down, allowing you to effortlessly glide over larger areas of the body while the device flashes up to 100 times a minutes. For treating smaller areas, it can be placed on the skin and triggered with each “stamp”, allowing more precision. It really is that easy to use! unlike some devices, this feature unlimited flashes, meaning no forking out for expensive replacements.


I decided to remove the hair from my lower neck – the area where I experience most irritation from shaving, and is only made worse from wearing collared shirts. It’s totally safe to use on the face, but not recommended for use on the eyebrows because of possible damage to the eyes.

My main concern was pain. No long lasting hair removal method is pain free. Or so I thought. I’ve heard varying descriptions of how IPL feels, and while I’m sure it varies from person to person, I found this to be 100% pain free! The only sensation was a warm flash of light – similar to holding your finger over the flash on a camera. I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone would find this painful! This was my first treatment, and should be continued weekly with most people seeing results after a month, so I’ll be keeping you updated with the progress!