Drink Responsibly. Drink Responsibly Beer

Summer is finally here! It’s time to crack open a cold one and unwind in the sun. But please, drink Responsibly. No really, drink Responsibly Beer.

Responsibly Beer

Described as “the beer all the other beers ask you to drink,” Responsibly Beer combines a 0.5% alcohol pale ale with some of the best branding I’ve ever seen! Not only is this a deliciously refreshing beer, it’s not going to leave you with a three day hang-over (unless your a total lightweight!), and you can even can even enjoy a drink or two before driving you and your mates home, after all you’re quite literally drinking Responsibly.

This has got to be the beer of dreams! I actually don’t drink that much as I’m getting too old to face the effects of alcohol. While I was a student, I was able to go out every night of the week, drink the bar dry, and be up for those 9am lectures. Now I have a few drinks on  a Saturday night and I’m just about recovered by Thursday. I love the idea of drinking Responsibly! #DrinkResponsibly


*This is a collaborative post.