Enjoy Stronger, Fuller, Thicker Hair with MR by Jamie Stevens

Who wouldn’t want stronger, healthier, thicker hair? Jamie Stevens’ research suggests that thinning hair is one of the biggest concerns for men, which has lead to the development and created of MR – the ultimate men’s haircare system designed to help combat the challenges of hair loss and provide everyday grooming staples to keep hair strong and healthy.

Mr Jamie Stevens

I’m always so dubious of products that promise to deliver such fantastic results, and this range is one of those that has created a huge buzz on social media. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a genuinely great product, and good marketing. Having said that, I defiantly cast my judgments aside and I’m glad I did, as I’m really pleased with the results I’ve seen and felt so far.

MR Thickening Shampoo

Designed to cleanse and strengthen, MR Thickening Shampoo promotes thicker hair that’s resistant to breakage and mechanical stress. This is very clarifying, which does give more bounce and volume to hair, and an instant appearance of thickness. But what I love most about this is how strong it leaves the hair – after just one wash I could feel a difference, and the strength builds with regular use. Did you know just how much damage is caused from combing and brushing wet hair? It’s something that we’re all guilty of, and unfortunately this stress can take its toll on our locks, but using a strengthening shampoo such as this will defiantly help prevent mechanical damage.

Mr Jamie Stevens Thickening Shampoo

MR Thickening Conditioner

Just like the shampoo, MR Thickening Conditioner is super-light weight, leaving no greasy residue, giving the appearance of a thicker head of hair. The only problem I had with this is that it’s possible too light weight for my hair. I use highly moisturising, protein rich conditioners on a daily basis, so I didn’t feel that I was getting the same level of conditioning that my hair has become used to. To combat this, I left the MR conditioner on my hair for the majority of my shower, then used a conditioning mask for the last few minutes. That way I was getting all the good ingredients from the MR conditioner to provide me with stronger hair and a healthier scalp, without loosing the extra moisture my hair needs. For most people, this probably wouldn’t be an issue, but as my hair gets longer, my ends need more and more moisture.

Mr Jamie Stevens Thickening Conditioner

MR Thickening Treatment

Delivering thickening agents directly to the scalp where they are most effective, MR Thickening Treatment is probably my favourite product from the collection. A unique nozzle allows for targeted application of concentrated ingredients, designed to promote hair growth and slow down hair loss with no residue to weight down your style. Unlike a shampoo or a conditioner, where most of the active ingredients would be washed way, this is a leave in treatment, giving their hair and scalp enough time to soak up as much product as needed. Each bottle contains a months supply to used twice daily – so the key with using is to remember less is more. Although using this as part of the range would give best results, I’d really recommend this for anyone who already has a shampoo and conditioner that they love, but still want thicker, stronger hair. The instructions advise that using for a minimum of three months to see the best results, I’ve only used this for one month and can already see fuller baby hairs around the scalp and hairline, which will grow with longer use, so will 100% be continuing to use this product as part of my future haircare regime.

Mr Jamie Stevens Thickening Treatment

MR Styling Range

As well as haircare, there’s also styling products as part of this MR range. They all contain the same active ingredients, and much like the leave in treatment, they’re an ideal way to get those ingredients to sit in the hair for a longer period of time as well as being really great for styling. For my length and style, MR Style Salt Spray is my favourite of the three. It creates texture with a loose hold, while strengthening hair, and is set to become my product of the summer, because who doesn’t want beachy hair when the sun is shining? There’s also MR Style Paste which I’ve been using for styles requiring a loose to medium hold, but would work much like a pomade on shorter styles, and MR Style Gel which has the most hold – I’ve been using this to tame the baby hairs when tying my hair back, but it would be ideal for short hair that requires strong-hold, and could be used to create definition throughout longer styles too.

Mr Jamie Stevens

With these products, I’ve really talked about the strength they’ve added to my hair rather than the visible thickness, but it’s important to remember that stronger hair mean less damage, and in the long run will provide thicker hair. If you’re looking for an instant fix, there’s MR Hair Fibres and MR Disguise Spray which work to create more dense, defined hair within seconds. There’s plenty of videos of these products in action over on MR Jamie Stevens’ site, so do check those out!