Perfect Your Skincare Routine With Help From the Experts at Monroe of London

With so many different skin concerns comes a multitude of skincare products. Finding the right routine for your needs can be both difficult and expensive, especially if you’re wasting money on lotions and potions that aren’t designed to suit your skin type. I’ve sat down with the experts behind Monroe of London to find out exactly what it takes to tackle five of the most common skin concerns.


Dry Skin

A survey reports nearly 56% of men suffer from dryness, and although genetics have a big say in the quality of our skin, environmental factors also play a big factor in drying our skin out. Luckily there’s a plethora of products that can help to replenish the much-needed moisture back into our skin.

“Dry and sensitive skin can be a real problem, and can also age much faster than oily skin, which retains more moisture. The key is to keep it clean, moisturised and protected from the sun and oxidants in the air, particularly in harsh city environments. At Monroe we would recommend a daily routine starting with our Cleanse and Shave Solution, which will remove dead skin cells without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It also has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which will protect against inflammation and redness caused by shaving. Step two is moisturise properly with our Moisturise and Shave Balm SPF20 ,over the whole face and neck area, which can often be forgotten. Our Moisturiser contains Hyaluronic acid which can secure moisture in the skin and adjust its absorption level relative to the humidity of each season or climate. We are very proud of this product which has recently won a prestigious Pure Beauty Award.  Lastly we would recommend our Anti Oxidant Face Mist. This is a cooling, hydrating mist that will protect against toxins in the air which can be absorbed by the skin and cause premature ageing. This can be used as often as you like all day to calm the skin and keep it well hydrated but not oily.”

Oily Skin

Oily skin is another factor that’s predominantly determined by our genes, but another concern that’s easy to get to grips with when following the right advice

“We would recommend using our Exfoliator and Pore Minimiser, this will remove dead skin cells, promote new cell growth, un-clog pores and help to reduce them. You can use our exfoliator in two ways, firstly you can apply daily after cleansing, massage all over the face for a couple of minutes and then remove with a face cloth, or you can apply and leave on for up to twenty minutes two or three times a week. Always remove with a face cloth and moisturise thoroughly. Our exfoliator contains a natural silica grain which wont tear the skin but gently removes dead cells, and Glycolic acid which helps to control oil. We think this is a fantastic product and you really will feel the benefit of using it very quickly. We are finding that in some of our outlets women are buying as much as men as it performs better than their own exfoliators.”


Sensitive Skin

According to estimates, nearly 65% of the men have sensitive skin, however very few of us are actually doing something about it,  in fact a lot of products on the market could contain harsh chemicals which actually add to sensitivity.

“The best tip we can give for sensitive skin is to use warm, not hot water. Everything you will need to protect and heal the skin before and after shaving is packed into our Cleanse and Shave Solution. The routine here is to cleanse and shave, always use a fresh blade and only shave in the direction of hair growth, rinse thoroughly with warm water and then apply our Moisturiser and Shave Balm. This will immediately calm any redness and protect against infections from minor shaving nicks and scratches. We would also recommend a final spray with or Anti Oxidant Face Mist before you leave the house. Take your mist with you and re-apply whenever you feel hot, tired, or your skin feels dry.”

Blemish Prone Skin

An estimated 80 percent of all people between the ages of 11 and 30 have acne outbreaks at some point. While it’s a myth that chocolate and greasy foods cause blemishes in most people, the products we use on our skin can actually worsen acne, so it’s worth investing in a specialist skincare routine.

“Acne is a big problem for lots of guys. Exfoliating really is the key here. It gets rid of dead skin cells, promotes healthy new skin cell growth and cleans out blocked pores. We really can’t stress how important it can be. In fact we believe it is so important that we are developing a new range of products especially for this problem. Our Complex Clear range, which will be available later this year, consists of a gentle cleanser, an acne serum and a moisturiser with SPF50 to give problem skin the very best chance to recover and heal. Following a daily routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, it will always improve the look and feel of your skin.”


Aging Skin

According to skin experts, nearly 79% of the men still don’t use a sunscreen – UV rays are one of the biggest causes of premature aging, but also one of the easiest age-inducing-factors to avoid!

“At Monroe we believe that guys should look like guys, and we are dedicated to helping them look their best for as long as we can. We are all living longer and we are active for longer, so why shouldn’t we look good for longer too? Our ethos is that if you get into a routine of looking after your skin while it’s in good shape, there is no reason why you can’t maintain that. The routine is simple – clean, exfoliate and moisturise. For most guys that will be enough to keep them busy. We have packed our products with all the active ingredients, vitamins and minerals to ensure they don’t need anything else. We have also developed advance skin care products such as our Night Recover Serum, Total Eye Maintenance and Anti Oxidant Face Mist, all of which will take any skincare routine to the next level. These are for guys who may have a specific skin issue, and as with all of our range, they have been designed and tested with our partners at the Harley street skin clinic to deliver results. Our Total Eye Maintenance will actually thicken the capillaries under the eye which will reduce blood leakage which causes dark circles. It also tightens up bags and fights fine lines. The neck is also a tell tale area for ageing and moisturising all around the neck will help. We cannot stress enough how damaging the effects of the sun can be, and a very close second is the air born toxins in our towns and cities. Using an SPF and an anti oxidant really is the best defence against the appearance of ageing skin.”

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