Are You Getting Enough Sun? Enjoy The Power of Daylight with Needlite

Have you ever noticed how the summer months seem to recharge our batteries, giving us more energy and putting us in better moods? Wouldn’t it be nice to achieve this sense of wellbeing all year round? With Needlite you can.

As the makers of Needlight explain, “daylight is essential for our health and wellbeing, because it stimulates our mental and physical processes and regulates our sleep cycle. Traditional electrical lighting does not have that effect, so if we spend most days inside, we don’t get enough – and when our light batteries are not properly charged, we get tired, slow and even sad.”


If, like me, you work in a windowless office, you may not even see that much daylight even during summer. Needlight is the solution – an elegant and stylish lamp which delivers the powerful and energising effects of sunlight. The full spectrum light contains no harmful UV rays, it simply recreates daylight.For the past week I’ve illuminated my office with a pair of Needlite lamps. Firstly, I need to mention how beautiful they are, the sleek pillars of light look great in my contemporary office, but they’re also tricking my body into thinking I’m sat under the summer sun. Casting very little shadows, it’s easy to work with in an office environment, and with just a tap or a touch, the brightness is easily adjusted. There’s even a app if you’d prefer to control your Needlight from your phone!

Needlite isn’t just providing light therapy, but also a practical and space-saving solution to large studio lights. When shooting small still life, I usually set up multiple large lights, however as I already had great lights running in the form of Needlight, I thought I’d see how well they could compare. Surprisingly, they work even better than studio lights as they can be easily positioned, and the brightness changed within seconds, so anyone who’s looking for a small, or mobile photography solution should invest in theses! Thanks to their even light distribution, they also make for the perfect selfie!


I’m really looking forward to getting the full summer experience, even from my windowless, basement studio, so come back to see how I’m getting on with Needlite.