Grooming: What Men Really Use

We’ve already covered skincare and haircare, so this week I’ve sat down with my favourite bloggers to discuss all things grooming. From achieving a clean shave, to caring for your facial here, it’s 5 top products to check out:

Mr Luke Christian /

To keep my beard feeling nourished and conditioned, I always go for the ‘Tobacco Vanille Beard Oil’ by Tom Ford. A little pricey, but when it comes to the scent, it is so worth it!


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Charlie /

Unfortunately I cannot grow a beard (sad face) so I either have stubble of clean shave! My favourite shaver to use is the Babyliss I-stubble as it’s simple and fast.


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David Granger /

For almost a year I had a bit of a thicker beard, until making the impulse decision to get rid of it recently, in that time I relied on Mo Bros Moustache Wax to tame in stray hairs and also to make my face smell like mango! Now I’m back with close cropped stubble I don’t need it anymore, but I do wish my face smelt like mango.


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Adam Walker /

The Murdock Shave Cream is a  thick, luxurious and great smelling cream that creates a wonderful lather and protects skin from damage whilst shaving.


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My Choice

In 2016 this was my choice for product of the year, and half way through another year, I’m still using it. The Gruum Facial Tonic instantly energises and refreshes the face after shaving, as well as killing bacteria and soothing irritation, I can’t imagine a time without it!


What grooming products are you loving right now? As always, let me know!