Fragrance: What Men Really Use

We’ve already seen my fab-five’s favourite grooming, skincare, and haircare products, this week we’re talking signature scents.

Mr Luke Chrisitian /

My favourite fragrance differs a lot as the seasons change, so I would say that for A/W it is Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanille and for S/S, Bibliothéque by Byredo.


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Charlie /

At the moment I’m loving Aspen by The White Company! Fresh fragrance which isn’t too heavy for everyday use. Higher end I love the Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot which is a winner!


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Adam Walker /

The White Company Noir EDT. Such a seductive unisex fragrance that offers notes of spice, wood and warmth. Perfect for any situation, from everyday in the office to a first date.


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David Granger /

Hugo Boss the Scent. It smells incredible, as do most aftershaves really. Plus Theo James is the face of this one, and if I wanted to smell like anyone, it’s Theo James. I tend to stick with Armani Code, though it’s more just a spritz of scent than anything as I’m nearly out of it!


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Iwan Carrington /

I’m a big fan of Penhaligon’s, I love the old fashioned bottles that look like they have come from a Victorian pharmacy! I’m currently wearing their Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette. It’s a sharp, crisp, fragrance with top notes of Juniper (the gin berry!) heart notes including leather and pepper and base notes of brown sugar and black cherry. Essentially it smells like a top notch gin cocktail, which is always a good thing in my book and it gets me a lot of compliments!


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My Choice

I too love Penhaligon’s fragrance selection, but have narrowed my signature scent down to Love Potion No9. I’ve been wearing it for a number of years, and continue to restock.


What’s your signature scent or favourite fragrance? As always let me know as I love trying your suggestions!